Interactive 3D reviews


Project: Sanitary ware

Customer: Incognito


Interactive 3D model allows the consumer to quickly get acquainted with the color solutions of the product. Also an important feature is the ability to open each of the drawers and view the inner space of the drawer.

This solution allows the consumer not only to get acquainted with the elegant geometry of the product, but also literally inside the product. Volumetric drawings help the consumer to understand the size of a product, visually reflecting each of the sides in a plane.

The Augmented Reality feature allows you to build the product into your interior, so you can clearly see the size and external features of the product.


Project: Furniture

Customer: M-STUDIO


We organized a demonstration of photorealistic 3D chair models with the ability to change the spectrum of different colors of chair upholstery in a particular model in a single web page.


Project: Tiles

Customer: Incognito


Our main goal was to transmit the game of light and glare on geometrically complex and multilayer tiles to show the consumer all the distinctive features and advantages of this product.