Object visualization


Customer: M-STUDIO

Project: Armchair visualisation at modern interior


One of the important criteria for the customer was the harmonious combination of their chairs and the environment. It is important not only to show the product and all its technical properties, but also to find a suitable interior for it, in combination with which the chairs will look like one whole. 
The customer is satisfied with the result obtained.

Customer: Novella

Project: Leather sofa visualisation


To obtain photorealistic images it is not necessary to organize transportation of large-size goods to the studio.
We managed to convey the texture of the leather goods, the realistic curves of the material and the natural overflow of light that emphasizes the high quality of the sofa.

The customer is satisfied with the result obtained.

Customer: Minor Design

Project: Chair visualisation


Without any exaggeration we can say that the upholstered furniture with velvet upholstery always looks elegant, expensive and stylish. Especially since velvet is now one of the most trendy textile materials in the interior sphere. Our main task was the quality visual transmission of technical gloss and heterogeneous color transitions of this material.

The customer is satisfied with the result obtained.


Customer: Incognito

Project: Faucets visualisation


The main task in the visualization of metal faucets with a glossy surface - to convey the smoothness of lines, individual geometry and avoid the dark lights formed when creating a scene.